G Mommas' Shop

Our Story

The inspiration behind the cookies is my grandmother, Anice “Gammy” (pronounced: Gah Me) Armstrong. I know I'm biased, but she was one heck of a grandmother! 

She was the definition of a "Steel Magnolia". 

Why cookies?

The inception of the idea came from Gammy (‘Gah Mee’) baking cookies for our family ‘get-togethers'.  We would crawl all over each other when she put them out, and one day my dad made the comment that she should try selling them. That idea stuck in my head, and after a few years I decided to give it a shot. I took a lien against my truck, convinced her to teach me how to bake, and I started baking cookies. 

Where did the name G Mommas come from?

The name G Momma (short for Gammy Momma) came about because nobody could seem to pronounce ‘Gammy’ right. They would say “Gai Mee” .. and the correct way is “Gah Mee”, so to make easy on folks we shortened it down to G Momma.

Our Mission (3 things):

1. Honor my grandmother

2. Make a positive impact on my town (Selma, Alabama)

3. Bake, Market, and Sell really good cookies with simple "old school" ingredients


Hope you’ll try some…you won’t regret it!  


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A lot has changed since filming this, but here is a video we did when we relaunched the business in 2013, enjoy!