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Where it all started

It all started with a comment my Dad made at one of our family’s Christmas ‘get-togethers’,  “Momma you outta market these cookies because they are gooo….oood!” I think I was the only person in the room that really heard him, and the idea never left me.

I made a promise to Gammy that one day I would make a business out of the cookies…she would just laugh not believing I was serious.

After graduating from the U of Alabama, I took a job in Birmingham, AL as a salesman. It wasn’t to bad, just not very fulfilling…like most entry-level positions. After almost a year working in the ‘big city’ I decided to move back to my hometown of Selma, AL and give ‘entrepreneurship’ a try.

After exhausting a few other ‘business’ ideas I had I decided it was time to dive in and fulfill my promise to Gammy by creating a business with her cookies. I took a lien against my car ($8000 Toyota 4 Runner) and started the Selma Good Company, LLC . I was 24 and had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

I hired a local design firm to do a few logos and design labels for the packaging and for the next few weeks Gammy taught me everything there was to know about baking her cookies. It is an extremely tedious process by the way!!

I found an old closed down restaurant with a small kitchen hidden in the back of a much larger warehouse building. It was located in the historic district of Selma, and saying it was old is an understatement! It had 80 year old heart pine floors and when it would rain there would literally be a waterfall in the back part of the building….but we made it work.  We cleaned it up….and turned the small 400 square foot kitchen into a ‘sho nuff’ wholesale bakery.

After a few weeks of ruining thousands of cookies and learning just how hard baking really is… all from trial and error…I finally figured it out and filled the first few orders to 3 local stores. (Carters Books and Gifts,  Marks Mart, and Swifts Drug)

I had lots of help getting started from some great people. Such as the landlord giving me a great deal on rent, lots of advice from local ‘experienced’ entrepreneurs, the local newspaper did a few write ups, and my first few stores really helped by putting my product in a visible location within their store. …small towns are where it’s at!

For the next year and a half we grew from 3 stores to over 35 around the state of AL. It was growing very fast and I was having to do everything from baking, inventory, marketing, delivery, and every other business function all while working a part time wine sales job. It was all pretty wild!

Although we were growing, I couldn’t bake them fast enough and didn’t have the ability to ramp up production. We had to put the business on hold until we could figure out another route.

We are now re-launching with a revamped brand called G Mommas and with the ability  to share our cookies all over the country.

Check back with us and and stay tuned on this blog for updates and news!

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